Balance Out Your Chips In Roulette

The number of individual selections you choose on a roulette table will vary depending on your strategy.

Before you lay down your chips, have a think about how much of a risk you are prepared to take to win. Perhaps you are currently working your way through the operators reviewed and feel happy just to make a small profit as you go along. In this instance, you will select more numbers to increase the chances of the ball landing on a winning selection. However, if you do want a big return for a small stake, you have to be prepared to go into a spin with only a small percentage of the wheel in your favor.

It is always tempting to add more chips before you do commit to the spin. But a bit of discipline is needed. Otherwise, unless you do pick up a return, you could end up losing your bankroll rather quickly.

Don’t get too disheartened if one of your regular numbers does come out and you have not covered it. It is very important to stick to a staking strategy that coincides with your budget.

One thing you do need to bear in mind is that the table you are playing on may have a minimum total stake which you need to reach before you can spin the wheel. As long as you match this, you can play.

There are ways to split your minimum chip value even further so you don’t always have to play on the nose. If you place a chip between two numbers, for example black 17 and black 20, you will split the amount between the two. This can also be done with four numbers as long as your chip is touching all four corners. Obviously the payout is less but this is because your chances of winning are higher.
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